The history of Belinurcolleguia is closely connected with the activity of Inurcolleguia of the USSR. Apart from that a separate office was established in 1981 in the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist republic in the city of Minsk. After the disintegration of the USSR since 1992 Belinurcolleguia has been operating as a sovereign and unique organization that renders legal assistance to citizens and legal entities of the Republic of Belarus on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and beyond its borders, to foreign citizens, stateless citizens as well as to foreign legal entities in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad to ensure the protection of their rights, freedoms and legitimate interests including searching for heirs and genealogical research.

At different periods of its activity, Belinurcolleguia and its staff were distinguished by the highest level of competence, compliance and responsibility among the corps of advocates of the Republic of Belarus. Belinurcolleguia has never provided any reasons to doubt its activity for the benefit of its clients and what is of no small importance to its partners, has always and in everything performed its obligations at a high level.

Thanks to that Belinurcolleguia has managed to establish and keep business relations with more than 100 separate partners in more than 40 countries of the world (a list is attached)

The whole staff of Belinurcolleguia expresses their gratitude to all our partners for fruitful cooperation and for their trust in us. We hope for fruitful joint work in the future.

Belinurcolleguia is open to cooperation on mutually advantageous conditions and ready to consider your offers.

Our staff will do their best so that Belinurcolleguia could keep its status of the largest and the most experienced organization in the Republic of Belarus in matters of inheritance disclosed abroad including searching for heirs and genealogical research and also of one of the largest companies in this sphere in the world


LIST OF COUNTRIES:  America, Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Great Britain, Israel, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Kazakhstan, Congo, Korea, Cuba, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Moldavia, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Ecuador, France, Finland, Croatia, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia and others.