5 января 2024

Сообщение с формы от 05.01.2024 01:52:12

Имя:Alexandru Fangli

My name is Alexandru Fangli, Romanian citizen and I recently obtained a permanent residence permit in Mogilev.
I was told that in not more than 6 months I must have proof about my income in order to comply to the laws. Maybe I need to register as a self-employed or something similar. I own a business in Romania, my work is online only and I am part of a group of IT companies providing various web/internet applications in form of websites or online platforms. I am aware that I have to declare my income to the government and, of course, to support the taxes.
I need your services to handle this process correctly and according to the laws.
Please let me know if you are able to help me, at what costs and how should we start.
If it’s not something that you work with, please recommend me someone if you can.

Thank you!